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Which Voice Do You Listen To?

The little voice in your head that says ‘Buy the shoes!’.
That’s the one to listen to.”

While this quote is humorous, the reality is that we all have an
inner voice. And it has a major impact on everything we do
in our lives and careers.

And a lot of the time the voice is very critical, judgemental
and fearful. And we often believe what it says without question.

Yet if our inner voice was a person we’d probably
raise a few question marks over what they say and we’d also
probably tell them to shut up every now and then!

If you think you’re immune to it, why not try an experiment this week?

  1. Watch for what your inner voice is saying when you’re
    meeting people this week: Your team, customers, loved ones, children etc.
  2. Watch for what your inner voice is saying in relation
    to your top goals.

You might get a surprise as to what you’re saying to yourself.

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