Company Builders Seldom Do This…. But They Should.


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“I’m struck by how seldom company builders consider the question of what to stop doing, and how they fail to identify inconsistencies in their vision that should be eliminated.”

– Jim Collins, author of ‘Good To Great’.

This is a quote that every business owner and manager should digest. It’s something I watch in myself and still I get caught out. Most people I encounter have long ‘to-do’ lists.  And we can get very very busy doing all sorts of important work only to turn around one day, worn out, and go, ‘what was I doing that for?’

The time to ask that question is well before you’re exhausted at the end of a personal cul-de-sac.

Do you have a ‘Stop Doing List’?

This is a list of things you really shouldn’t be doing because:

a. They’re not the best use of your time

b. Someone else can do these actions cheaper and better

c. They don’t give a good return for your time

d. They’re not really priorities in your business or life

Here’s a few examples to give you some ideas:

1. Stop leaving my email on so that notifications pop up to distract me during the day.

2. Stop taking personal calls during work hours

3. Stop doing work that one of my team could do if I took a few hours out to train them

4. Stop watching tv at night

5. Stop trying to implement an idea that plainly isn’t working

6. Stop listening to the news at night (or even during the day!)

7. Stop blaming my staff and focus on what I can do differently

8. Stop dealing with this client completely because we hate doing business with them

9. Stop doing ‘low-value’ work when I could do some exercise

Out of interest, a business owner or successful executive is usually a compulsive ‘doer’.  But as the business evolves this can be a barrier to growth.  Owners and successful executives who achieve great success don’t continue with obsessive doing but rather impose upon themselves the demanding discipline of not doing.

The world is full of smart business people who take decisive action. But it’s very short of wise men and women who take decisive inaction.

So, what’s on your ‘stop doing’ list?

Food for thought…

Have a great week.