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Contagion Isn’t Just A Coronavirus Issue

“The most courageous decision that you can make

each day is to be in a good mood.”

– Voltaire

He looked at me like I was crazy.

So I repeated what I’d just said.

“Your mood affects your bottom line. And it’s not just me that’s saying this – research is now showing it as definite.”

The word ‘contagion’ has been more prevalent over the last few weeks because of the threat of the coronavirus.

Contagion is defined as the communication of disease from one person or organism to another by close contact.

But have you ever considered the possibility of ‘mood contagion’ in your work and life?

I see it daily with leaders I work with and it has a massive bearing on organisational performance yet despite that, it’s rarely discussed in leadership training.

Maybe it’s easier to see it at home? If you’re in bad form, your mood ripples very quickly into the family.

Be assured that this same ripple effect is in your role as a leader. And putting on a ‘false face’ doesn’t fool people. We all sense the energy of a leader, the mood they’re in, and this affects everyone’s mindset – and ultimately mood – which then affects performance.

That’s why prioritising your inner game is such a key priority in today’s disruptive, uncertain world.

The good news is that once you identify it as a ‘key variable’, simple things can make all the difference.

For example:

  • Taking short walks for 15 minutes to clear your mind
  • Imagining your day going well in key areas before it starts
  • Doing physical exercise, consistently
  • Practicing some form of relaxation
  • Realising that your ‘thinking’ usually throws your mood (a big insight!)

Great leaders usually watch the key numbers like hawks.

But how many watch their mood?

My client above changed his approach dramatically over the coming months seeing major improvements in his leadership team’s performance and at one point said this to me:

“Before we discussed it, I just thought people can deal with whatever mood I’m in. I never realised how disruptive my mood was to others. And also, how empowering my positive mood is on them.”

Your mood affects your bottom line – in business and life.

Don’t fall into the key mistake my client initially did – waiting for everything to be ‘right’ before they allowed themselves to be in a positive mood.

Your mood needs to be worked on daily.

This week, where can you improve yours?



PS – here’s an interview that was published yesterday in Ireland’s largest Sunday newspaper, The Sunday Independent, on burnout in the workplace. Something that is connected very strongly to mood.

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