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The Opportunity In Your Disruption

“Progress is impossible without change

and those who cannot change their minds

cannot change anything.”

– George Bernard Shaw

If you’re living in Ireland, you’re very aware of the recent political changes that happened at the national elections over a week ago.

If you’re not living here, the very short summary is that there was a huge surge in support for Sinn Féin, the socialist, left-wing Irish republican political party, which has re-shaped the Irish political landscape.

The level of support was a shock surprise for most and the reactions from the business community have been interesting, with markets tumbling and I’ve already heard of a few large deals being scuppered with international investors.

Indeed, it was the number one topic in all of my conversations last week with CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives. And most of the people I spoke with were very negative in their outlook.

This is an example of the VUCA environment I wrote about last week (click here to read more), and also the challenge of ‘reacting’ to events we don’t ‘like’.

And it’s why we require a serious shift in the way we think and use our minds.

For example, the entrepreneurial mindset reacts differently to situations like this.

The best leaders I know will be asking this question:

‘Where is the opportunity in this?’

And one opportunity is the disruption to thinking across the board.

It’s too easy to get stuck in our own ways of thinking – we need new perspectives to successfully navigate the VUCA world. And that’s why we need to hear all perspectives while also managing our mindsets.

The reality is that there are major problems in Ireland which much of the electorate reacted to. Issues like housing and health.

And the truth is that unless something radically changes there will be no real change.

A vote for the previous government was perceived as a vote for the status quo.

But people want change.

And radical change can only come from thinking differently.

Which reminds me of another quote from Oscar Wilde:

“It’s very easy to change others,

but it’s difficult to change yourself.”

People keep looking to others for change. They rarely look to themselves, because it’s much harder.

But it’s where the real value is.

This is the MindShift we need most of all – breaking the hardest habit of all…


And in that vein…

Where can you have a more open mind this week?

Where can you shift your thinking?



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