The Danger Of Masks And A Powerful Question

I was very humbled last Friday as I hosted a workshop with a group of people who were hungry to create careers


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I was very humbled last Friday as I hosted a workshop with a group of people who were hungry to create careers, businesses and lives that are more true to who they really are.

The focus of BluePrint is to give people a framework to create lives, businesses and careers that are in sync with each other.

As you’d expect, a common theme was challenge.

Some people had come through tough situations, others were going through them and others again were deciding if they wanted to embrace some…

– business and life.

Yet regardless of where people started, as the workshop unfolded you could feel the spirit and the optimism levels rise in the room – especially as people realised that:

a. They are not the only ones who have had or have those challenges i.e. someone has answers

b. At their core, the majority of people want to help i.e. I need to ask for help and advice

c. Meaningful success is achievable i.e. bringing more purpose into your life and work is possible

It all starts though with asking a simple but powerful question:

What is true to me now? 

Or if it’s for an organisation, what is true for us now? 

You’re not the same person you were a year ago. You’re most likely not the same organisation as you were a year ago.

So it stands to reason that some or all of your goals or priorities will be different.

Yet often we can cling to goals from the past just because ‘we set them, so they must be achieved’.

As someone on the day said to me:

“I’ve lost sight of who the real me is. I’ve had so many masks for the different areas of my life that I’m exhausted putting up the pretence! That ends today.” 

So one of their focus areas for 2018 is to become more authentic in every area of their lives.

I have met and worked with people who have had more money than they will ever be able to spend in their lifetime yet often they feel empty. Why? Because at some level what they have created is not linked to their real selves.

It’s not true to who they really are.

As we move towards the end of the year and perhaps begin reflecting on what we want to create next year, maybe take some time out to reflect on what is true to you now?

That’s time that’s never wasted.



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