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Episode 46 – Shane Cradock on Mindset, Visioning & Permission to Dream!

Podcaster Rob O’Donohue asked me a lot of wide-ranging questions about business and life and as a result he brought out some content I hadn’t expected.

During the conversation, we touched on many topics including:

  • Becoming an obsessive learner
  • Influencers on my learning and direction
  • The future of business and how this links closely with personal development
  • Mindfulness & Meditation practices including Transcendental Meditation (TM)
  • Learning how to Clear the mind!
  • The power of the Mind, which is an asset we don’t utilize fully
  • From experience, the Habits of highly successful people
  • The Benefits of Slow Walking to help calm the mind and relieve stress
  • The Difference and Similarities working with C-Level and Entrepreneurs
  • The Metaphor of the Rocks in the Jar & how to identify what is important and of value
  • Discovering the Vision & Meaning of Values
  • The power of setting the vision and giving yourself permission to achieve it!
  • Moving away from the Ego to the Eco!
  • The Power of Intention and Experience of higher forces out there!
  • The Development and Growth of Meaningful work and Spiritual Conversations in the Workplace
  • Bringing more meaning and purpose into the workplace for the workforce
  • Learning from Elon Musk’s Business Coach
  • Learning to Say No
  • Wrap up questions On:
    • A Typical Day
    • Sleep Patterns & Importance
    • Work Patterns
    • Blocking time for fun
    • Importance of having time to do nothing

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