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Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration:
“Courage is not my thing. It is passion, and faith.
You have to have faith in yourself.
It is contagious.
Like a magician, if he believes then the audience will.”
– Philippe Petit
Philippe Petit is the Frenchman who captivated the world by walking
between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on a high wire in 1974–a historic feat which was vividly depicted in the excellent documentary, ‘Man on Wire’.
Now, I have no desire to replicate what Philippe did, being a land lover,
but i do admire the focus, tenacity and single-mindedness to do what he did.
Remarkable (or crazy, depending on your viewpoint!)
But his quote above is curious.
He implies that courage is almost an effort.  He goes for passion
and faith – which are effortless states of being.
When you love something and are passionate about it, you are alive
in every fibre of your being. You bring forth the creative power of
the universe when you access your passion.  And without the faith
in yourself to bring something into your reality, you may sabotage yourself
and ultimately endure a lot of stress.
The above quote could have been said by any high achiever – passion and faith are
2 universal qualities in genuine success.
Someone could say to that ‘How can I have faith when
I’m in the middle of turmoil?’   And maybe that’s the perfect time to test it.
Food for thought…
Have a great week,
pps – thanks to Mark Reynolds for today’s quote and if you’d like to see a trailer
for the movie then watch this.  Man On Wire Trailer