Why Motivation Doesn’t Last


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Hi All,

Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration:
After a speech one day, Zig Ziglar was approached
by someone in the audience who said: “Zig, it was a great speech, but…motivation doesn’t last.”
Zig said, “Bathing doesn’t either.

That’s why I recommend it daily!”That audience member was right.  For most people motivation doesn’t last.

We read the latest book, get buzzed up, only to ‘fall back’ into our
old ways a few days later.
The same thing happens after we do the ‘latest seminar’.
Or a few days after we get ‘pumped’ up by the next great ‘motivational speaker’
or the latest inspirational dvd.This is because mental habits take some time to change.

Hence Zig’s come back – they need daily attention.
What I find more fascinating is that most people don’t realise
they can influence their own motivational levels!
I think the key question here is ‘What influences our motivation?’
And to me the answer is our mindset, which ultimately affects our attitude
which determines our behaviour and actions.I ran a workshop for some retail staff last week about the
power of your mindset in sales and after we’d finished one of them said to me:

“I never realised that I have control over my mindset.  It’s really down
to what I allow myself to play in my head.  And if what’s in my head
is making me feel bad, it’s up to me to change it.”

Which is very true.

But there’s also very simple ways to boost your mindset, without

consciously changing one thought.  Here’s a few:- Listen to inspirational music (i defy you not to feel better after listening to
a few renditions ‘eye of the tiger’….:) )

– Exercise  (healthy body, healthy mind etc. etc.- even going for a walk close to nature helps)

– Meet up with friends and have a laugh

– Read something inspirational (that’s why I started these weekly emails)

– Stop listening or watching the news for a while – listen to lyric fm or something similar for a change.

– Watch an inspirational movie
– Do anything that makes you laugh!
I know one very successful CEO who goes for a walk up the hills or in the park
whenever he feels his motivation is being challenged.  He eventually returns
recharged like the duracell bunny.   He prioritised this above all because
he knows his motivation levels have to be high so that he inspires his team.
Bottom line – motivation is a daily thing.  And you are more
in control of it than you know.
What do you really enjoy?
ALLOW yourself the space to experience more of it this week
and watch your motivation levels change – for the better.
Food for thought…
Have a great week,