Evading Reality & Some Observations on Same…


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“You can evade reality, but you cannot evade the consequences of evading reality.”

– Glenn Reynolds

If there’s been one major lesson for everyone over the past 3 years it’s that reality has a way of making itself noticed. Property prices will keep going up. Customers will keep coming back. Profits are easy. & on and on… My own observation is that the people who are the most in touch with reality and adapt accordingly are the ones who generally succeed in achieving their goals.

Yet here’s some scenarios I’ve observed just this past month:

– Leaders not giving honest feedback to their managers/team because they don’t want to upset the apple cart…

– A millionnaire business person not wanting to know the ‘weekly figures’ because he figures the news will be too depressing

– A business refusing to cut overheads because ‘things will turn around’ (once the financial tooth fairy makes a visit…)

– A business owner who refuses to run a customer survey because he doesn’t want to hear the ‘moans’…

–  A team too afraid to give their manager feedback because they think they’ll get sacked (the manager isn’t the kind that appreciates feedback…)

– A life partner being slow to talk to their loved one about something that they know will cause a problem down the line…

The best businesses and people I’ve ever met are those that encourage a frank and honest discussion of everything.  An important factor is the willingness to not be entrenched in your opinion but to be open to discovering the truth. We can all delude ourselves that things are going swimmingly. What are you doing to ensure you stay grounded in reality? Have you set up the right systems & metrics to tell you the financial and customer reality in your business every day, week and month? Have you created a culture around you where those closest to you can tell you ‘The Simon Cowell Truth’?  (Even if you don’t like it)

Food for thought,

Best Regards,