Fake Awards Trump Fake News

“I can honestly say that I’m not a person who thinks about awards, as much as I think about the work itself.” - Oprah Winfrey


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I can honestly say that I’m not a person who thinks

about awards, as much as I think about the work itself.” 

– Oprah Winfrey

A few months ago I was emailed by someone in the UK telling me that I’d just won the 2018 Award for Best Business & Executive Coach in Ireland.

Dramatic pause….

Now while my work has impacted a lot of people in various ways over the years, please save your congratulations as all was not what it seemed…

I replied out of curiosity and the person assured me there were no catches – they were indeed a reputable organisation and all I had to do was to accept the award.

When I asked who had nominated me, they replied that the person and the process was confidential.


I didn’t see any major issue with just accepting the title, especially as I apparently had nothing to do, so I accepted by reply and forgot about it.

But of course a subsequent email arrived a few days later offering various levels of promotion and trophies to go with my award – ranging from a few hundred to several thousand euros.

The ‘catch’ had emerged…

So we now live in age where you can buy your own award – one that can be shown on social media, trophies displayed in receptions and discussed with clients and prospects.

The only problem is they’re not real.

We now have Fake Awards as well as Fake News.

These people are trying to cash in on the global obsession with being ‘seen’ to be successful.

Who would ever buy one of these? Imagine then my surprise when I started seeing people I know with these so called ‘awards’!

Oh dear – Is this the time we live in?

It makes a mockery of the people who win genuine awards. And it certainly takes the attention away from what matters most – quality work.

Don’t get me wrong. Awards are fun. And some of them are really well deserved. But when everyone starts ‘winning’, awards mean less and less.

The quality of work is always what matters most.

If we spent more time focused on results for our customers and our lives, and less on awards, ironically we’re more likely to win in business and life.

Food for thought this week…


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