Final Year Exams And Remembering A Key Lesson About Life


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You just have to have commitment.”

It was ‘Leaving Cert’ results yesterday in Ireland, which are the results from the final exams for secondary school.

It’s always a massive day in anyone’s life and all the more significant because of the Covid pandemic because of the disruption.

In terms of those who wish to go on to 3rd Level many will get what they want, and many won’t.

And if you’re an experienced adult reading this, and someone who has solid business and life experience, you will know that eventually you realise that being good at exams doesn’t mean you’ll succeed in life. It takes something else.

And if you don’t get what you want now, it doesn’t mean you can’t by some other route.

If you really want to do it… you can always find a way. I’m sure like me, you know many people who have created careers they really wanted to do even though it wasn’t easy to get there.

And it’s perhaps a useful thing to remember now, even if you’re well beyond that.

Circumstances don’t have to define us. It’s how we respond to circumstances that matters.

This year, you may have had to divert off the road you thought was the best one. You may even be going down a road you never knew existed.

Just remember, that if you really want to get somewhere, there’s always a way.

The key is to never stop believing and to keep taking steps.

– even if means going slowly.

Where is this relevant to you? And what’s one thing you can do about it this week?



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