A Way To Ease Suffering And Boost Your Clarity


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“A mind unquestioned creates suffering.”

I’ve had so many conversations over the last few months with smart people who have created serious and unnecessary suffering for themselves.

Unnecessary because it came down to a lack of understanding how we all work from the inside out.

In the past, I’ve created problems for myself that just weren’t real because I never stopped to explore if what I was thinking was reality…

And I’ve seen the same with clients over the years.

Thoughts that are disguised as beliefs, opinions, assumptions and judgements.

And the mind will always work to justify what it sees – which is the cause of so many problems in our work, relationships and enjoyment of life.

The biggest breakthroughs I’ve ever seen for myself and others is when we are brave enough to pause, put our egos to one-side and ask:

Can I be sure this is true?

What is the truth?

Clarity really is real power in leadership and life.

And stepping outside your mind is one way to improve it.

But it takes courage…

Where can you apply this today and this week?



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