George Michael’s Heart

"You'll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart." George Michael


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“You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.” 
George Michael 

It’s not clear yet when George Michael’s funeral will be but his passing is the loss of another
true original. 
Like us all he had his challenges, but what has emerged since his death are stories of
immense generosity and love. This was a man who signed off the royalties to the massive
hit Careless Whisper so that his friend Andrew Ridgeley would always have an income. 

At this time of year, many people are very intent on setting goals for the year ahead (although
most have fallen by the way-side already…). 

And while that’s useful most of the time, those goals are often set from the head only – which
means it looks at what it thinks is best based on the past, our ego and perhaps societal
expectations in terms of ‘keeping up with the Jones’.’

If we’re looking to create better businesses, careers and lives, we need to allow ourselves to
listen to our heart. 

The irony is that in the ‘macho’ business or sporting world, that’s often seen as something

The reality is that is takes infinitely more bravery to listen to you heart and then act on
what it says. The heart is in tune with what’s best for you and usually impacts on
purpose, happiness, fulfilment, self-expression and serving others. The things most
people are craving now more than ever. 

That’s what real change is about and that’s where your better future lies.
It’s not that we ignore our head, it’s more being informed by our heart as well.

3 Questions to access the heart:

1. What would I love to do if I didn’t care what anyone else really thought?
And what steps can I take in that direction over the next week? Month? Quarter? 

2. What do I feel life is asking of me now?

3. Who am I now and what changes do I feel I’d like to make? 

Don’t worry about getting too ‘touchy-feely’. The head will poke itself back in… 



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I am more convinced than ever that there are certain principles which will guarantee you
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