Getting Punched In The Mouth


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“Everyone has a plan ’til they get punched in the mouth.” 
– Mike Tyson 

Everyone takes ‘punches’ in business and life. Some of the punches knock us down.  It happens. 

Indeed, one of life’s truths is that the ‘hits’ will inevitably arrive. And the true test is what you do when they do. 

Adapting to the situation is a key skill in every field. And core to that is mentally how you react to the hit, when it comes. 

‘Licking your wound’ vs. ‘Swivel and hitting back’. Plans are there for direction and focus.  But they are rarely enough. 

Life and business is an adventure.   Just when you think you have it sorted something happens… 

– Cash-flow dries up… 
– Your relationship hits a serious bump… 
–  A health scare blindsides you 
– Someone key to your team leaves 
– You’re lied to by someone you trusted implicitly 
– You’re let down by someone who had promised something to you 
– Passed over for a promotion 
– Let go from a job 
– A project fails to deliver what it should have 
– A cheque that was promised never arrives (or bounces, when you’re depending on it not to!) 

The list is endless, and you can add your own to it. If you take the analogy of a boxing fighter, the best fighters have a few things 
in common: 

– They prepare well  (practicing on their skill continuously) 
– They are physically strong and condition themselves for stamina 
– They are mentally fit and adaptable 
– They are hungry to succeed 

But they also know that there is every chance they will get knocked down. But it means nothing because by getting back up it means you’re still in the game. 

I don’t believe the trick is avoiding punches.   I believe it’s more about what you do after you take one that really hurts. 

‘Licking your wound’ vs. ‘Swivel and hitting back’. 

Food for thought…