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Great Leadership And Fear

“Part of being a great leader, is helping

to reduce the levels of fear.”

Fear never brings out the best in people.

If you imagine a continuum, where at one end is fear and the other is safety.

It’s worth watching where you are on that, and also where the people around you are.

A little fear in’t the worst thing, but if it’s at the far end of the continuum it will impair performance and results.

When fear has a hold on you, it’s impossible to live in alignment with your authentic self – to bring out your best.

And it’s impossible for a team to really achieve high performance, because paranoia will distract people internally from what matters most – purposeful action.

Most entrepreneurs and senior execs don’t realise how easy it is to amplify fear – in fact, many believe that a high level of fear is a good thing – to keep people ‘on their toes’.

But chronic fear dampens the one thing that is essential for creativity, innovation and resilience.

The human spirit.

From my experience, it’s a mistake to assume there is no fear in the people around you. It’s everywhere. A silent, unseen mental virus.

Fear of speaking up. Fear of challenging your point of view. Fear of trying something new. Fear of failure. Fear of blame. Fear of losing their job. Fear of doing the right thing. Fear of saying ‘No’.

My suggestion is not to ask yourself “Where is the fear?”

The better question is “How do I allay it?”



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