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“What is the best use of my time right now?”
– Used by anyone who’s good with their time
We all have the same amount of time in a given day
but we all use our time differently.  And one of the things
people who are good with their time do, is to to ask
themselves regularly, the above question.
My advice is that for anything that will take more than 15 minutes,
ask that question of yourself.
The massive benefit is that if you keep asking this question
of yourself, you’ll reduce dramatically the chance of getting
caught reacting to things that really are not important.
I should point out that there is one word in the question that i consider
to be of vital importance.  Can you guess it?
It’s ‘best’.
Why?  because if you focus on a good use of your time, or an
okay use of your time, it’s going to rob you of ‘the best’ in your
business and life.
What is the BEST use of my time right now?
– Is it surfing the net or making THAT call to a potential client?
– Is it watching tv or reading something inspiring?
– Is it worrying about a lack of sales or researching a new way of marketing?
– Is it moaning about a problem or focusing your mind on the solution?
And you know, it’s not as easy to focus on the ‘best’ use of your time
as you might think – But it’s most definitely food for thought…
Have a great week.