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Inspire Me: Deodorant And Inner Pollution

“Common sense is like deodorant.

The people who need it most never use it.”

A couple of weeks ago I shared a concept in my Strive webinar which resonated with quite a few people.

The concept I talked about was ‘Inner Pollution’.

Most people have a concern over the level of climate pollution but they rarely think about inner pollution – which I believe is a much bigger issue because of the damage it causes.

Here are some examples of it:

  • Self-criticism and self-doubt
  • Continuous anger and frustration
  • Hopelessness
  • Procrastination
  • Anxiety and tension

Most ‘inner pollution’ occurs as far as I can see, from a lack of understanding in how we use our minds. A simple analogy might make this more relevant to you.

If you eat food that’s not good for your body, it will reject it physically (e.g. food poisoning). Your mind is the exact same. If you take in ‘food’ that’s not good for it, it will reject it – so instead of getting physical diarrhoea you will get mental diarrhoea! (Hope you’re not reading this at lunch-time…)

One simple mental food you can over-dose on is the news.

Several people I’ve spoken to over January have told me how shocked they have been at the positive impact they’ve seen just by doing these 2 things:

1. No tech whatsoever for the first hour of their day – that means no news, no email, no social media (not the best things for your mind). Instead use the time to read something inspirational, exercise and write out your top 3 outcomes for the day.

2. No tech 2 hours before bed-time i.e. no ipads/tablets, no scrolling my smart phone…

Simple stuff you say?

Indeed it is. But 90% of people are not doing this right now.

How can you improve your ‘inner climate’ today?



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