Is Where You Are Wrong?


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“Don’t make where you are wrong.”
– Keith Cunningham

Most of the people I work with are phenomenal achievers. They set goals and go after them with zeal. My job is to help them get ‘there’.

Yet one of the things I have to watch with them is putting too much emphasis on getting to ‘there’, to the extent that they put off their own enjoyment or happiness until they get ‘there’.  I can get caught out with this myself because it’s very subtle.

What are the symptoms of this condition?

You’d find yourself saying or thinking things like…

‘It used to be so much better before…’
‘I’m disappointed I haven’t achieved x yet…’
‘I’ll be satisfied when I get y…’
‘When I get ‘z’ (more sales,more income, better relationship, better job, better weight etc.) in my life, then I’ll be happy’.

Setting goals is part of our nature, I believe, as human beings. Our nature is to create.

Where we have to watch ourselves is perhaps on being so consumed with a goal that it overshadows right now – it may colour our attitude and by default our mood, our energy, our communication, our relationships and ironically… our ability to achieve our goals!

Maybe the question to consider is this:

What is right about where I am now?

There’s probably lots around you now, that at one pointyou really wanted.  Yet often when it arrives we forget thatand move our minds onto the next ‘there’ that we want. Appreciating more of whatever’s around you now is a key factor in enjoying life and improving your state of mind.  Which of course impacts your ability to create a life and career that really matters to you.

Food for thought.