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Learning From Volkwagen’s ‘Blind Spot’

“In my German words: we have totally screwed up.”
Michael Horn, Head of Volkswagen US

As far as blind spots go, this is a biggie.

Volkswagen, which has admitted to cheating diesel emissions
tests in the US, is under huge pressure to get to grips with the
biggest business scandal in its 78-year history.

Their shares have plunged about 35% since
it admitted to cheating US emissions tests,
wiping more than €25 billion from its market value.

As a result of the scandal, the CEO has resigned
and is now under investigation
and Volkswagen have had to set aside €7 billion in cash in
preparation for punitive penalties and damages.

Whether or not those in leadership at Volkswagen
knew about this deception, is a matter for the investigators,
but one thing’s for sure…

…this was a major blind spot for the company.

At some level of the business, people knew what they were doing
and they were trying to get away with it.

And the excuse given was most likely ‘everyone else is doing it’.

This whole scenario reminds me of wonderful question which is this:

“What don’t I see?”

As a wise mentor said to me before,
‘It’s what I can’t see is going to hurt me.
That’s why I spend a lot of time

looking for hidden danger in my business and life.”

Of course you might argue that VW saw this but decided to turn a blind-eye…
An expensive decision if that is the case.

We all have blind-spots – personally and professionally.

The question is are we looking for them.

A blind spot uncovered can:

– Save you money
– Make you money
– Save your reputation
– Keep you in business
– Save a business account
– Help you move faster
– Protect relationships
– Save your marriage
– Save your life

The question isn’t ‘Do I have blind spots?’

The question is ‘What are my blind spots?’ and ‘What am I doing about them?’

What can you do this week to go digging for potential blind spots?

Because what you can’t see right now, is what can hurt the most.

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