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Lessons From Trump (again) And Firing Comey

Last week was an incredible week in US politics as the impact of Trump continues to flabbergast the establishment and the world.

To fire the guy (FBI Director James Comey) who is leading the investigation in to the Trump Campaign’s alleged ties to Russia and then host the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador the next day in The White House…well, it was either incredibly stupid or incredibly arrogant – or both!

I’m not a fan of Trump because I do believe he is dangerous, but I will say this about him:

– He doesn’t let what others think about him, stop him from taking action

– He doesn’t care about pleasing everyone

– He doesn’t let failure or mistakes stop him moving forward towards his goals

Imagine if more people could take a leaf out of his book in those 3 areas?

Perhaps then, we wouldn’t find ourselves in this situation!

How many great ideas and positive projects are being hidden inside you and others because of the above 3 areas?

If Trump can do it, and get away with it…you have no more excuses! 🙂



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