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Mental Stuff For Achievers/Leaders

Something I discovered 20 years ago that has served me well in achieving goals, enhancing focus and reducing stress/axiety was the power of relaxation – done in a certain way to activate your intuition and unconscious mind.  

I’ve used this approach with private clients for many years and recently have been doing a lot more of it because of the impact it has on client’s minds – it improves clarity, calm and a sense of confidence and control.

Since the corona crisis hit, I’ve been running a daily meditation for experienced leaders in a couple of forums I run. It seems to be really helping.

Some of them have asked me recently if I would create something they could share with their teams, that would help them to have a better start to their day.

So I’ve created 2 videos for people to experience a little of the power and they cansee if it resonates.  They’re not overly produced but I think they do enough to explain. The bottom line is that if you use an approach like this consistently it really does have a positive impact.

There are 2 videos here. Part 1 explains the concept and why the approach works:

Part 2 has a 15 min audio designed for the morning:

Feel free to share with the people around you.

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