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I thought this should be of interest to you or to people in your team, as it’s about two new workshops I’ve created that will make a big difference to anyone’s business.

Having helped hundreds of business people achieve some pretty fantastic results professionally and in their personal lives,  I’ve found that there are 2 things that stand out in making the biggest difference to a person.1. Their mindset2. How they use their time
If you get both of these right you can be assured of improving your results – professionally and personally.
Interestingly, getting the most from these two areas is all about habits. And most people’s habits in these areas are off the mark because they’ve never been told what works best.
So I’ve decided to create TWO special workshops that will give what I know works best in these two areas – Mindset and Using your time.
This will make it more accessible to a bigger audience as not everyone can afford to spend 1 on 1 time with a business & performance coach.  You can attend one or both, as they are obviously complimentary in improving overall performance & productivity.Both workshops are split over two sessions in Dublin City Centre during June, spaced a fortnight apart to allow for some practice, feedback and habit building.The mindset related workshop is called ‘Next Level – Unlock Your Potential and it’s designed for people who are already performing but who want to do better.  Full details are here:  Next Level Workshop
The Time related workshop is called  ‘Time Bandit – Steal Back The Lost Hours Of Your Business & Life’ and full details are here:Time Bandit WorkshopWhen you consider how much an hour of your time, or that of your team members is worth, isn’t it important to ensure that you get the best return from it? That’s the goal of both of these workshops.
You, or someone on your team, might be interested in attending these very unique workshops in June.

If you do have an interest, please let me know soon as places will be limited due to the workshop format.
All the best,