Not So Normal Nuggets To Consider


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“To study the abnormal is the best way of
understanding the normal.”
William James, Pioneering American Psychologist
If you’d like to increase your productivity and
peace of mind, you might consider some of these
‘not so normal’ tips…
1. Never look at email first thing in the morning
Use the first 2 hours of your day to get the most important
work done – this usually isn’t in your email inbox.
E-mail is great but it’s very disruptive if not controlled.
2. Try a ‘media ban’ for 1 week and see what impact it has
on your outlook.
If you start feeling more optimistic you might extend it further…
3. Have more ‘stand-up’ meetings at work.
You’d be surprised at how much time this will save for you and
your team.  Sitting down all the time make meetings longer and people lazy.
4. Physically go somewhere different if you want to think different
and get creative ideas or solutions to problems.
We are more mobile than ever.  Have laptop will travel.  Change
your scene and you change your mental state.  Coffee shops are great
havens for the innovative.
5. Walk more – even and especially during the business day.
Get outside, preferably close to nature, come out of your head into
the world around you.  Something as simple as this helps
clarity, peace of mind and ultimately your productivity.
Pick one of the above and commit to doing it this week.
See what happens.
Food for thought…