Steve Jobs Is At It Again


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“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an
environment where excellence is expected.”
– Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple
Am I being my own example of the standard I expect?
Or am I ‘settling’ for something less?
Maybe i just don’t want to rock the boat or have to endure
the ‘hassle’ of explaining what I want.
Maybe I’ve just given up and can’t be bothered?
I remember hearing Oprah Winfrey give a fantastic
answer to this question:
‘How did you overcome all of the racial prejudices against
you, and succeed in your profession?’
Her answer by passed anything to do with race.
“I find that there is no discrimination against excellence”.

We are entering an age of authenticity.
Where people are fed up with ‘hearing’ from authority figures about what to do,
only to see them do the exact opposite.
The people around you will respond to your demand for excellence
if you too exhibit that standard.
So here’s a question for you and your teams this week
as you go about your work:
Am I putting ‘excellence’ into what I’m doing right now OR
have i dropped my standard?

The nice thing about achieving excellence is that it really
just starts with a decision.
Food for thought…
Have a great week,
There is no shortcut to excellence. You will have to make the commitment to make excellence your priority. Use your talents, abilities, and skills in the best way possible and get ahead of others by giving that little extra. Live by a higher standard and pay attention to the details that really do make the difference. Excellence is not difficult – simply decide right now to give it your best shot – and you will be amazed with what life gives you back.