Poll Results: How Much Of Success Is Mental?


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Thanks to everyone who took the recent poll on the question:

‘How Much Of Success Is Mental?’

Here’s the results:

90%+                  49% of the poll

70%-90%           32% of the poll

50%-70%           14% of the poll

30% – 50%          3% of the poll

10%-30%             2% of the poll

< 10%                   0% of the poll

What’s interesting here is that whatever the actual answer is, over 95% of people who took the poll believe that at least 50% of success is mental!  Of that a total of 81% of the poll believe it accounts for over 70% of success!

So here’s the key question.  If success relies on the mental factor that significantly, how much of your time do you spend working on the mental game every day and every week?

If you’re like most, the answer is very little.  Yet, if it’s that significant a factor, doesn’t it make sense to spend more time in this area?

What do you think?