Productivity – 2 Key Areas


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I’m always amazed at the impact of 2 things on productivity.

The first, is the power of ‘shut-out’ concentration.  The ability to focus on the task at hand 100% – be it making a call, being in a meeting or anything you are doing in that moment.  It’s shocking how difficult people find it to be 100% focused.

The second, is the art of ‘Rock Management’.  No, not looking after rock stars… but being able to identify the few things that make the biggest difference.  You have probably heard me rattle on about the story of the ‘Rocks In The Jar’, and how it’s a fantastic metaphor for doing well at your role in business and also you general life.

Most people in my experience get distracted with the ‘gravel’ and ‘sand’ and so the rocks get ignored until it’s too late.  (I’ve attached the complete ‘Rocks In The Jar’ story here for you as a pdf)

So here’s this week’s inspirational quote:

“The ability to concentrate and to use your time well is everything if you want to succeed in business– or almost anywhere else for that matter.”

-Lee Iacocca

In line with the above….

What are the 3 top things you need to focus on this week to make the biggest difference in your business? (Things that will give the biggest return for your time)

— Write them down – Put them somewhere where you look at every day and make it your business to ensure they are done this week.  See the difference.

–Pick one thing for your personal life.

Do this every week, and watch everything change.

Have a great week,