The Power Of A Clear Intention

"When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you to achieve it." - Paulo Coelho


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“When you want something,
all the universe conspires to help you to achieve it.”

– Paulo Coelho

I was reminded recently of the power of having a crystal clear intention.
– especially if it seems impossible.

I was watching a programme on Sky Arts TV channel with talented artist Chris Levine, who
was being interviewed about his portrait of The Queen.

I worked with Chris (who’s also regular reader of this weekly email)
for a few years and to say work is unique is an understatement.

He is a creative genius in the field of light art and as well as doing phenomenal laser shows
for top musicians, inspirational TV ads for BMW and Mercedes he has carved out a niche for
creating holographic portraits – which now includes Grace Jones, Kate Moss, The Dalai Lama
and of course, The Queen.

I remember one conversation with Chris when we had a meeting in Wicklow, where I was
asking him what his ‘impossible dream’ was for his work.

He answered quickly that he’d always believed his portrait of the Queen
could be on the cover of TIME magazine – but he had no idea of how to make
that happen. Neither did I…

But being a believer in the power of intention, Chris would regularly imagine
it happening – and he’d always talk about the possibility.

A few years after that chat, I received a message from Chris in January 2012.

The jubilee celebrations were coming up in the UK, and TIME had been
in touch.  They wanted the rights to use his image of HRH on the cover
of their June Edition.

You can see the image below or at this link.

(Or you can see it for real at The National Portrait Gallery in London)

Time and time again, I have seen the power of a clear intention made manifest.

It is rarely straightforward and always involves work, naturally, but when you really hone in
on a clear intention for yourself – professional or personal, magic can happen.

What is your primary intention this year, and beyond?  What is your version of getting the
cover of TIME magazine?

Or have you been distracted by the fog problems and challenges can bring?



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