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BluePrint Workshop Running in June

“Action without vision is only passing time.
Vision without action is merely daydreaming.
But vision with action can change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

If you’re a regular reader of my mails/blogs you’ll probably
know already that the above quote is one of my all-time favourites.

Many people find themselves in the first 2 lines.
If they can move into the third line, magic can happen.
And one of the main things I do with people is to help them
get clarity on a meaningful vision and then believe they can do it.

If that strikes a chord for you, one powerful way I can help that for you
or people you know is through a workshop called ‘BluePrint’.

It’s a major breakthrough day for many who attend.

I usually only run it at the start of the year but for the first time
I’m going to run one at the mid-year point, at the end of June.

If it’s not for you, you may know someone who:

– Is at a cross-roads and want to make some major decisions
– Wants to get clarity on their best future – personal and professional
– Needs a kick to get moving
– Is looking for genuine inspiration
– Wants clarity on where best to put their attention and focus

Most people tell me I under-sell BluePrint because it’s really more than planning
which is true.

What I don’t always emphasise is that you:
– Learn a lot, business and personal
– Meet new positive energy, like-minded people
– Get ideas on business and life that are often invaluable
– Develop personally
– Have a lot of fun

The workshop will run on Saturday 25th June in The Glenview Hotel, Wicklow.
There is an early-bird fee up to the 1st June.
All details and booking facility here.

A lot of people tell me they can’t afford the time to do a workshop like this.

If you’re on track and aligned with a meaningful vision, that makes sense.
If you’re not, what’s the cost of that to your life?

ps – If you have an interest, but can’t make the workshop I’d recommend my online
version (BluePrint online) which will give all of the content but obviously not the
experience, learning and ideas you get in the room.

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