The Problem When You Achieve Your Dreams…

“Your state of mind is everything” - Bruce Lee


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“Your state of mind is everything”
– Bruce Lee 

Last week I gave a talk in Dublin titled ‘State of Mind’.

Afterwards I spoke with an entrepreneur who had, in his words, achieved all of his dreams.
And that’s when his mind went to a ‘funny place’.

He said to me, ‘What do you focus on when you’ve ticked all the boxes you had?’ 

Dream house? Tick.

Financial freedom? Tick.

Relationship goals? Tick.

Good health? Tick.

Dream holidays? Tick.

But then he’d fallen into a slump because his mind had ‘nothing’ to focus on.

Interesting problem to have, I hear you say!

He realised during the talk that what he really wanted the most, was a state of mind. After all,
that was what had driven him during all the years of effort in growing his business – the
thought that he would be happy when he achieved his goals.

But that is the ultimate trick of the mind. It makes you think you can only be happy when you
‘get’ that thing.

Through his own experience he’s learned something most people never see and indeed don’t
believe – that what you’re really pursuing in life is a better state of mind, to feel happy – not
your goals. And you can achieve that today regardless of circumstances.

Most think ‘When I get x then I’ll be happy’. It doesn’t happen – the mind always replaces it
with something else.

The key asset you can have in life is a positive state of mind that can stay in that place
regardless of circumstances – and it’s a skill. Perhaps THE skill.

Goals are important because they give us something productive to engage with. They allow
you to create a better life.

But they should never be the reason for happiness. Whether it’s business, sport or life
cultivating a better state of mind is vital.

The irony is that by cultivating a better state of mind, you enhance your ability to achieve
your goals.

And you can improve it today and this week by focusing on it.

Where can you improve yours this week?



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