Shake It Up Like Elon Musk

Shake It Up Like Elon Musk I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better


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I think that’s the single best piece of advice:
constantly think about how you could be doing things better

and questioning yourself.”
Elon Musk

A few weeks ago I was sitting at the back of the room of a small
workshop in the US when the expert holding the workshop asked
everyone to share something about themselves that most
people didn’t know – with the person beside them.

The guy beside me told me that he had originally trained
and worked as a rocket scientist – even though he now works
in coaching, training and consulting.

Because Star Wars and Star Trek runs in my blood…
I was intrigued and asked a few more questions.

Turns out the guy works directly with Elon Musk and
his 3 management teams in a coaching and training capacity
across Tesla, Solar City and Space X.

Now I was fully hooked!

I was fascinated to hear some inside stories about how this
incredible entrepreneur works.

But what struck me most of all was what my new best friend
was hired to do.

To shake up the management teams thinking continuously.

Essentially, to work from the assumption that their thinking
was out of date after 3 months and that they needed to
rethink their assumptions, look to re-invent the way they approach
solving problems, and to continuously ensure that no element of ‘I or we can’t do that’
doesn’t creep in – even unconsciously.

Essentially, he was hired to shake it up continuously.

Musk has learned that the edge lies in how they think.
And to stay ahead, they must keep challenging their thinking.

Where could you apply this wisdom this week?

– Are you settling for 2nd best in any areas?

– Have you taken the gas off any area?
– Have you given up without really admitting it?
– Have your team gone more with ‘can’t’ than ‘can’?
– Have you…?
Where can you shake it up?

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