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Why You Should Stay Away From Class A Narcotics

“1. Stay away from Class A narcotics.

2. Avoid private planes

3. Love what you do

4. If possible, don’t have a fallback plan.”

– Moby, Musical Artist

This is what Moby tells aspiring musicians when they ask for advice.

In a funny way, some of it is advice for anyone looking
to have a great career, business or life.

Point 1 goes without saying.  Even if tempting after the Brexit vote!

Point 2 though is questionable…If you have the money, I think this is a lot of fun.

I know Josh Stewart would agree with me.
Josh is CEO and Founder of X-Jet, one of the world’s leading private aviation firms.
A couple of weeks ago, as part of my Thrive Forum, I interviewed
him to find out some more about his incredible journey.

It’s an amazing success story of a man from Belfast who had
an incredible vision and from 2004 to now has built a business
that is valued at over €1Billion.  You can read some highlights
from my interview here.

Point 3 is essential to becoming great at what you do and to fully enjoying your life
– yet for many seems impossible I think.  If you can build a career or business
around what you love to do, it’s easier to handle and work through the
inevitable challenges and obstacles you encounter.

Point 4 is one rarely used but often is the magic sauce that
makes real success happen.  When there is no way back you
just have to keep going forwards.


ps – Moby has a new book out about his life and career, called ‘Porcelain’.

pps – Highlights from my interview with Josh Stewart here.

Josh tells me he’s a regular reader of this weekly email,
while in the loo…. a compliment, I think!

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