Uncertainty In Duty Free

Uncertainty In Duty Free “Wherever there is change, and wherever there is uncertainty, there is opportunity!


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“Wherever there is change,
and wherever there is uncertainty,
there is opportunity!”
Mark Cuban,  American businessman and investor  

As I write this, I’m sitting in the departure lounge of Dublin airport.

Beforehand I was browsing through the duty free area and
got chatting to a woman who was working there.

When I asked ‘How’s business?’, she replied quickly by saying
that ‘It’s fallen off a cliff the last 10 days.’

The reason in her mind?

The uncertainty people are feeling about ‘what’s around the corner?’.

Primarily triggered by the Brexit vote in the UK
and by increasing taxes/charges to families.

If there is one thing certain, it’s that we are living in an age of increasing

But instead of looking at the fear and/or problems, can we turn our
attention to the opportunities?

That in itself is a mindset that can be applied in any situation.

Very often it’s not only until we get through a crisis and look backwards
that we can see the benefit of that exact crisis.

Maybe like me you’re working in a career now that wouldn’t
have happened unless you went through a really challenging/uncertain period?


we can make the journey more meaningful and productive
by challenging ourselves to pro-actively look for the opportunities during
uncertain times.

They are always there.  But a fearful mind won’t see them.

Where is there a challenge around you at the moment?
Where are you concerned?

Step into it and look for the opportunity…

When I asked my friend in duty-free had they changed their approach
in the store or looked at their offers to address the changing mindset, the
answer was ‘no’.  Accompanied with a curious look…

Curiosity is a useful starting point.


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