Your Most Successful & Meaningful Year

{Warning: this email is longer than normal, but I think it's worth the read} I’m grateful that 2015 was another year of success in my life.


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{Warning:  this post is longer than normal, but I think it’s worth the read}

I’m grateful that 2015 was another year of success in my life.  

Despite some challenges physically, (I badly injured my back and shoulder)
my business enjoyed it’s best year yet with new opportunities opening up internationally.  I was also fortunate in having a rewarding year personally.

For that I’m very grateful.
And my commitment is to continue to support
in helping you create a life and career that has more meaning, success and fulfilment.

In that spirit, I thought I’d share some ideas that
could help make 2016 your best year yet – regardless of the challenges that will emerge.

1. Create an exciting, meaninful Vision:  

2015 saw the manifestation of some incredible goals for the clients I work with.  Some of these were goals we set together 3 to 5 years ago and most of them seemed impossible at the time.  Spend some time soon crafting a vision 3 years out that really excites you.  Magic happens if you let it, regardless of circumstances.
And make sure your vision reflects the real you – not what others expect from you.

2. Continue to invest in yourself:

20 years ago someone advised me that the greatest investment you can ever make is in yourself.  I don’t think I really understood him at the time but I listened to him.  And when I look back at the jumps made personally and professionally, it’s always linked to me spending time and money in learning.
Invest in yourself this year – if you’re not growing, you’re possibly static (or worse!)

3. Prioritise your Spiritual WellBeing:

Make time this year to nourish your higher-self.  In my experience, this is THE major trend to watch for business people.   People everywhere are seeking more meaning in their work and lives. Simple actions could include learning meditation, yoga, mindfulness or perhaps attending a special Retreat. (watch out for one I’ll be holding this year – let me know if it’s of interest as will be limited numbers)
You can have all the money and material success you can think of but be bankrupt spiritually and as a result be miserable.  Life doesn’t have to be like that.

When your spirit/soul/higher-self/whatever you wanna call it… is nourished
everything starts falling into place.  And it’s more than possible to improve it.

4.  Consider working with your email off:

Email on seems to be most people’s default mode.  This is where your email is continuously pinging as it comes in and your inbox is always open.  This is a major distraction and very disruptive to your thinking and attention.
I believe it’s one of the main reasons why people have a lack of clarity and a
lack of direction.   Their minds are too busy with noise – and usually from other people’s agendas.

Email off is where you only turn your email on 2 to 3 times a day for defined periods of time.  It makes it much more efficient and focused.
You’ll find within a few days of working in email off that you’re productivity is impacted immediately including also your sleep, peace of mind, clarity, to name a few.

It’s also have major benefits to your sanity, sleep, mood, spiritual well-being and lack of crankiness…

5. Take up a hobby you really love:

Hobbies are great. “Easy for you to say Cradock, I have no time for that”.
Make time for it – Hobbies are great because they energise you and make you more productive, creative and they engage you in something that you enjoy.

They’re also a very valuable distraction from the problems of business and life and very often when you engage yourself in a fun hobby, when you come back to your life and business, very often solutions present themselves in a more effective manner.

6. Deliberately spend more time with positive energy people:

Who you spend time with impacts on everything. Your state of mind, your health, your results.  Make this year a time when you get more + people into your life. (& removing some – people)  It’s the easiest way I know of growing – because they rub off on you.

7. Stop accepting mediocrity.

Expect and work for the best in yourself, your life, your career – everywhere.
Give the important areas of your life the attention it deserves.
Where attention goes, energy flows.
I hope this is of benefit to you. And I hope you take the brakes off this year and really
challenge yourself to grow, learn, lead and inspire.
p.s. If you’d like to start on a meaningful vision and hear other insights into growing
personally and professionally, consider attending my BluePrint Workshop on Sat 6th February 2016 to plan your personal and professional life. Details here.