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The One Thing That Kills Progress…

“When you complain, you make yourself a victim.
Leave the situation, change the situation, or accept it.
All else is madness.”
– Eckhart Tolle, Successful Spiritualist and Author

“Don’t find fault. Find a remedy. Any fool can complain.
Henry Ford, Successful Business Man

“Any fool can criticise, condemn and complain.
And most fools do.”
Benjamin Franklin, Successful Statesman

“In the household in which I was raised, the themes were pretty simple.
‘Work hard. Don’t quit. Be appreciative, be thankful, be grateful, be respectful.
Also never whine, never complain.
And always, for crying out loud, keep a sense of humour.’”
– Michael Keaton, Successful Actor

Different areas, similar outlook.

The easy road is to complain.  But it’s not going to take us towards
a better career or better life.

And complaining is like arsenic for the mind.

Very slowly, without realising it, it gradually
kills clarity, positivity and ideas.

And even the best can end up complaining without realising it.

Watch for it in yourself and the people around you this week.

Learning from the top quote above,
here’s a simple 3 point plan for any complaint:

1. Leave the situation
2. Change the situation
3. Accept it the situation

Something to watch for in the week ahead.

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