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The Power & Opportunity Of Nature

“Look deep into nature and then

you will understand everything better.”

–Albert Einstein

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my car beside a very stormy, cold Irish sea in Wicklow Harbour.

The sun is rising, even though you wouldn’t know it with all of the heavy grey cloud…

Waves are crashing over the normally accessible pier and landing heavily onto the stoney beach

But in the midst of it all, there are many seagulls flying through the strong wind to sit on the topsy turvy ocean close to shore. Clearly there is something of interest to them – perhaps some form of food.

2 things occur to me:

1. Nature has incredible power – it can be both beautiful and brutal.

2. There is always opportunity in the turbulence.

If we fight nature or reality, we always lose. When we accept it, and seek to work with it instead of ‘hating it’, we can tap into it’s abundance and it’s potential.

There is plenty of turbulence around us right now but there’s also plenty of opportunity. All of us have had our moments in this pandemic but maybe this month we can be more like the seagulls and keep our eyes peeled…

This week, where can you accept the disruption and look for even more opportunities – work and personal?



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P.P.S – My view on Wicklow Harbour is below.

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