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How To Win In A Difficult Situation

“Every time you are able to find some

humour in a difficult situation,

you win.”

A friend of mine uses the phrase ‘pity party’ whenever he’s feeling sorry for himself.

And who hasn’t had a moment like that over the last year? 🙂

But he also makes a point of laughing at himself when he ‘catches’ himself feeling that way.

I’ve been running many webinars for leaders and their organisations over the past few weeks and I’ve closed most of them out with the line above.

It seems to really strike a chord so I thought I’d share it with you.

There is of course plenty to focus on that we don’t like right now. There may be a few reasons to go into a ‘pity party’.

But this kind of inner party kills something essential to success – your spirit.

When your spirit falls it takes with it optimism, hope and creativity. But when it rises, those traits come in spades and your view of the world shifts upwards also.

Seeking the humour, even in the midst of s***, is like everything – it takes deliberate practice.

Humour is the partner of an uplifted spirit. So it’s always worth seeking.

This week, where can you win by finding the humour?


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