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The Puppy Perspective In Business And Life

“Cosmic humour, especially about your own

predicament, is an important part of your journey.”

– Ram Dass

You’ll be glad to hear that I didn’t set off the alarm again last week, so I’m still happily married…

As it turned out, last week was still an eventful one in our home as we welcomed a new 10 week old puppy into our lives.

The dog has been named Cubbie or Cubs for short and he’s a Yorkie pup. It has been very entertaining watching him explore the world though untainted eyes.

For example, the football apparently is a threat to his wellbeing and is attacked daily by this tiny fluff ball. Shoes in particular are a delicacy to be savoured. And sleep can happen in an instant when desired. Literally an instant.

But most of all, it’s very refreshing to be around the attitude Cubbie brings to every interaction – fun. Everything is fun. And it’s been invigorating to watch the impact this playful package has already had on our lives.

There are lots of challenges in business and life. Maybe even more now because of the pandemic.

But perhaps the biggest problem of all is this:

Taking ourselves too seriously.

We may not have everything the way ‘we want’ right now but if we step back and look with fresh eyes, we have a lot that’s right. Cubbie has reminded me to keep that point in perspective.

Where can you take this to heart this week?


PS – A picture of the little rascal is attached below, and yes… he is as small as he looks.

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