The Shane Lowry Approach

An attitude like Shane Lowry's can make any journey enjoyable. But only if that's part of our approach.


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“I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning!”

– Shane Lowry, just after winning The Open on the 21st July 2019

As you probably know, the weekend just gone marked the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, which happened on the 20th of July 1969.

The Moon Landing is a super symbol for achieving the seemingly impossible if people focus their minds, work together and persist.

And yesterday there was similar inspiration from Irish golfer, Shane Lowry who played incredible golf over the 4 day tournament to win his first ever Major by 6 shots from his closest pursuer.

I read the brilliant biography about Tiger Woods recently and was taken with how little he celebrated and enjoyed his success. He would win a tournament and move immediately onto the next thing.

But I’m pretty certain that Shane Lowry won’t be like that. And certainly his family or indeed his home golf club in County Offaly won’t let him!

His quote above is a little reminder to us all to check and see how many mornings we’re looking forward to. And if there’s not too many, to perhaps check our mindset.

It’s very easy to get caught up with all of the problems around us. It’s very easy to suspend any enjoyment until get what we want and ‘land on the moon’.

But an attitude like Shane Lowry’s can make any journey enjoyable. But only if that’s part of our approach.

We can set big goals like going to the moon, and hate every minute of it, until we get there. Or we can take the SLA (Shane Lowry Approach) and pursue big goals but deliberately enjoy the journey regardless of what happens.

How many mornings are you looking forward to this week?

Where can you tweak things to make some improvements?



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