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Shane Lowry’s Hidden Secret

“Never confuse people who are always around you

with people who are always there for you.”

I don’t often repeat my weekly email about the same subject, but Shane Lowry warrants it.

Understandably his recent victory in The Open has been the main focus of all sports and news media in Ireland over the past week and different stories have emerged.

What caught my attention in particular was how on the morning of the final round, Lowry admitted he was afraid of messing up.

He went for a walk with his coach, Neil Manchip, before beginning the final round, to get support. But the fear persisted and his caddie, Bo, worked very hard at keeping him grounded and in the moment while playing the last 18 holes.

In the background, his wife, parents, friends and family have been hugely supportive also.

It’s unlikely he would have won if he didn’t have people around him who believed he could do it. It was only a year ago that he was sitting in his car crying after missing the cut at the same competition.

It’s a great reminder that no person is an island. And that even the best have doubt. Plenty of it in fact.

The people around you are usually the unseen variable in success. They are the ones that matter most in the tough times, and when you’re doubting your own ability and path.

We’re in the middle of holiday season for most people reading this. Often people might use that time to reflect and have a look at their goals or direction for the year.

But it would also be very useful to look at the people around you.

Who is on your ‘support team’?

Do they all believe in the best for you?

If yes, can you lean on them more? And can you show your appreciation more?

If no, is it time to change some of the team….?



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