The Unmentionable Four Letter Word In Business

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” - John Ruskin


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 “When love and skill work together,
expect a masterpiece.”
– John Ruskin


A word not often used in public in business,
yet all great companies and lives have love at their
core somewhere.

Maybe if we break love into 3 key components it might
change the way we look at it?

Caring. Responsibility. Respect.

Caring:  For your products/services and the people that make
them and use them.  You might have a great product or service but
if you don’t really care for the people who make it happen,
success will be short lived.  You might say you care but your actions
tell the truth.

Responsibility: To look after everyone connected to what you do,
so that all stakeholders can thrive – employees, customers, suppliers,
our community and our environment.  A value of doing the right thing
for it’s own sake.

Respect:  An attitude of letting people grow in their own way on
their own terms.  Valuing difference of opinion and treating people
the way we would like to be heard and treated.  Giving people the
opportunity to grow but not forcing the issue.

How can you grow the love in your life and business this week?
And the real challenge is in making your actions real
and not just Value slides on a wall…

Because the more true love there is in our lives, the better for everyone.

ps – I probably should have saved this one for Valentine’s Day but it just came
out today. 🙂

pps – Thanks to Maeve for making me aware of the quote.

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