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What Are You Doing About Dis-satisfaction?

“My real dissatisfaction is with my dissatisfaction.
How dare I be so discontent? How dare I?
Or being discontent why cannot I shut up about it?”
– Stephen Fry

It was interesting observing a room full of smart business
people last week as we did their BluePrint planning workshop
for their year ahead.

Everyone in the room was keen to create goals
for themselves for the next year and beyond.

Yet often in the process of ‘locking on’ to what we think
we want, we can make where we are right now ‘wrong’.

And blind ourselves to what’s right, right now, and also perhaps miss
future opportunities we’d never thought of.

If that happens, we can affect our mood and state
of mind negatively in all sorts of ways – very subtly.

There is nothing wrong in my opinion with being dis-satisfied.
It’s often the start of great things – Once you’re not continuously
dis-satisfied and are not taking action.

Could dis-satisfaction be your intuition telling you to change something?

It could be your health, your relationship, your business,
your attitude to your boss, team or colleagues, your friends or your mental approach.

2 approaches to dis-satisfaction.

1. Moan about ‘it’ to whoever will listen.  And there’s always a few who will…:)
(But this step never moves you forward.)
2. Take action with a positive outcome in mind.

Another Chance To Get Clarity On Your Year:

BluePrint Workshop runs on Sat 6th Feb.
Open to anyone. Plan your personal and professional life.
Details here.

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