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“Begin – to begin is half the work, let half still
remain; again begin this, and thou wilt have

– Marcus Aurelius

This man is not often quoted but he is one of the wisest people
who ever lived.  He was the last great Roman Emperor before the
decline and fall of the Roman Empire. His final
days were shown in the beginning sequences of the
great film “Gladiator”.

His short but insightful quote reminds us that getting
started is half the battle.
There are many things we keep putting off.
Somehow justifying to ourselves
that we will eventually get around to it – both in our business and personal lives.The seemingly ‘urgent’ tasks are always lurking to tempt us away from
the ‘best’ use of our time.  And very often the things that we are
‘holding back’ from starting
are the things that we know will be most beneficial when complete.
Yet the ‘thought’ of the work involved in doing them is usually far more
difficult than the reality of ‘doing’ the work.

Just starting something that you’ve been delaying on is half the battle.

And if you keep starting on the bits that are left, one day you will have it done.

So, the question for you this week, {!firstname}, is:
‘What have you been delaying on doing, that you will JUST START this week?’

Here’s some examples from my conversations with clients:
– Booking that special holiday
– Writing that book
– Finally dealing with a ‘poor performer’ at work
– Telling someone special to you, how much they mean to you
– Taking some time off
– Taking time out to prioritise my month & week ahead
– Getting that health check done

Food for thought…

Have a great week,

Best Regards,