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“Keep your sense of humor. 
There’s enough stress in the rest of your life to let bad shots ruin a game you’re supposed to enjoy.” 
Amy Alcott – Professional Golfer And Course Designer 

I remember hearing the expression There Is Always A Bigger Boat (TIAABB) as a powerful warning of falling into the trap of comparing yourself or your situation to others. 

It serves as a simple reminder to the danger of the ‘I want more’ mindset – the one that breeds envy, dis-satisfaction, the voice of ’I’m not good enough’ – all of which are damaging to your state and sense of fulfilment. 

What I’ve also learned is that there is another useful acronym to watch – TIASWO. 

There Is Always Someone Worse Off. 

This one is a useful reminder that no matter how difficult the challenge you find facing you, TIASWO. 

It might be poor consolation initially, but it can also serve to kick you out of a ‘Pity Party’ and act as a useful reminder to count your blessings – of which there are always plenty, if you choose to look. 

This breeds a much better mindset which ultimately affects your behaviour and actions – which creates better results.

It’s also a reminder to take things more lightly and keep your sense of humour. 
Where in your life or business can you look to change perspective this week? 


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