Cultivating An Abundance Mentality

not from external rankings, comparisons, opinions, possessions or associations."


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“An abundance mentality springs from an internal security, not from external rankings, comparisons, opinions, possessions or associations.” 

– Stephen Covey. 

I remember being at lunch with a small group of people and I surprised them by paying for it without them seeing it happen. It had been done for me by someone years before I was really taken with the gesture.

One of the people in the group got unusually emotional on hearing this and afterwards they told me that despite being incredibly wealthy they had never done something like that. It also reflected in the way she looked at life i.e. she didn’t enjoy what she had. 

Over the past 20 years, I’ve met and worked with people who, in many cases, have more money than they can ever spend. But for a lot of them they just can’t enjoy what they have. Primarily because, underneath it all, they don’t feel good about themselves. 

And when you don’t feel good about yourself it breeds a ‘Scarcity Mindset’. 

When it comes to leadership in your career and life, here are some ways it can manifest: 

Scarcity Mindset Vs. Abundance Mindset 

I win/You Lose Vs. I win/We win

Focus on costs Vs. Focus on results

Stress and frustration Vs. Success and confidence

What I get Vs. What I can give

Envy your success Vs. Celebrate your success

What’s next? Vs. Enjoying now 

I can focus my attention on the areas on the right hand side above or I can do the more difficult (but more rewarding) work of digging deep and working to feel better about myself. Sounds ‘soft’ but that’s the personal development work that’s going to get you to the right hand side. The best leaders know this. 

Having an abundance mindset isn’t about having money. It’s about having a life, and enjoying it. And that starts with understanding how to feel good about yourself. When that happens, you perform better in everything and you squeeze more enjoyment out of everything. 

‘Soft’… but it has a ‘hard’ impact on the profit in your business and life. 

What work can you do on feeling better about yourself this week? 


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