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“It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what education you have;

if you have a big dream, you can do it.”

– Michelle Mone

I spent yesterday being inspired at The Pendulum Summit in Dublin.

Last year, I was lucky enough to be able to speak on stage there.

This year, it was nice to relax into just being there!

The speakers ranged across various topics including Sales, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Empathy and creating exponential growth.

The highlight for me was the person my inner voice told me I’d have the least interest in before hearing her speak – Michelle Mone, founder of the lingerie brand Ultimo.

She was real, honest and inspirational.

The overwhelming message from all speakers at the well attended event was that ‘Anything is possible.’


It obviously requires work – which involves learning new skills, creating a meaningful vision and plan, working on your mindset and self-talk, developing resilience, always taking the feedback and of course relentless action.

The challenge with events like this is that:

1. Inspiration inevitably wears off.

2. Most people don’t convert their ideas into a meaningful vision or plan. Their notes stay in a notebook for time to come and so their ideas stay as wishful thinking.

If you’re interested in making 2018 a year when you really change things, consider my BluePrint Business workshop.

If you’d like to attend but think you’re too busy then it’s perfect for you. 🙂 You should be able to create time for things that are important.

Make 2018 a game-changer year for you professionally and personally. This is a high value workshop with high calibre people that gives you way more than you expect and pushes you into real inspired action.

Details below.



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BluePrint Business Workshop

Designed for business owners, CEOs and self-employed people this unique workshop helps you to step back and look at your direction and what matters most over the next 3 years. It also includes tools to focus you on the next 12 months.

You will leave this 1-day event with:

  • More clarity on your long term future
  • Your top priorities for this year clearly identified
  • A more meaningful vision of success
  • Inspiration on how to tackle key challenges
  • A written action plan
  • Information on how to keep yourself motivated for the year ahead
  • Inspiration to take on new challenges

Limited places available. Spend time in an inspiring environment as you plan for a great year ahead. Details and booking here.