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What Are You Watering?

“If there is magic on this planet,

it is contained in water.”

Loren Eiseley, Anthropologist, educator and natural science writer.

I’ve started taking a slight interest in gardening recently and I am finding it surprisingly therapeutic and ‘grounding’. (words I never thought I would ever write or say…)

It was triggered by a problem that had emerged when myself and TLJ* had put down new grass in an area of our garden. Surprisingly for Ireland, there has been very little rain over the last month (that issue has been solved as of today as it’s pouring outside!) and that, combined with a lot of sun in this area of the garden meant that the grass was dying.

So we took to regularly watering this area and the grass is recovering, bringing with it a lovely green sheen and vibrancy.

It’s a simple thing but easily missed and it’s a metaphor we can take into our work and lives. What around you needs to be watered?

  • Your key relationships?
  • Your health?
  • Your top projects?
  • Your development?
  • Your state of mind and being?
  • Your mindset and attitude?

In this context the ‘water’ is our attention.

Where we put our attention determines what grows and what dies.

So often I encounter people who are busy ‘watering’ things that don’t really matter to them and as a result they end up getting blindsided when the results they desire don’t come through or things they don’t want to happen do.

Where you put your attention determines whether you have more flowers or weeds in your life.

We have to ruthless in deciding what gets watered.

Where can you apply that this week?


*TLJ = The Lovely Judy

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