Who’s Asking Questions?

"Any leader who asks the right questions of the right people has the potential to discover and develop great ideas.” -John Maxwell


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“Any leader who asks the right questions of the right 
people has the potential to discover and develop great ideas.” 
-John Maxwell 

As the top quote suggests, asking the right questions is an essential skill in
making progress. An add on could be the power of asking great questions of yourself.

Questions like these: 

What is the most important use of my time now/today/this week/this month?

How did this become a problem to begin with?

What’s the one thing, if consistently done, would transform my team/business?

What’s the one thing, if consistently done, would transform my life?

What can I/we do to make things better now?

If we spent as much time designing and considering great questions as we do talking about
problems, we’d be better off.

Food for thought,


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