Identifying The Real Problem

“Explain to me how you having a problem with me is my problem?”


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Illustration depicting a roadsign with an identify the problem concept. Sky background.
Illustration depicting a roadsign with an identify the problem concept. Sky background.

“Explain to me how you having a problem with me 
is my problem?”



We get consumed by them so easily. So much so that they can disrupt our sleep, our
relationships and our ability to create healthy lives and businesses.

But what if ‘stewing’ on problems too much is THE problem?
Feeling lonely?

  • Stressed about the direction of your life or business?
  • Lacking in purpose or meaning?
  • Not living to your potential?
  • Not achieving your goals?

In my experience the real problem is the level of attention we give thoughts about problem
areas. And this typically drags down your most important asset – your state of mind.

When that drops everything that matters is affected – communication, clarity, peace of mind,
creativity and your ability to achieve. And then your problems grow serious legs and can
often seem insurmountable.

What if we put our focus more onto how we achieve a better state of mind?

That’s where the real opportunity is. And key to that is our quality of thinking.

But will we prioritise it?

Food for thought.


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