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Winning The Grand National

“I don’t feel male or female right now

I don’t even feel human.”

—Rachael Blackmore

As regular readers of this weekly mail will know, I’m a big fan of sport – and in particular those who persist against the odds to succeed.

So it should be no surprise that today the focus is on an incredible woman, Rachael Blackmore, who won the English Grand National on Saturday – becoming the first woman jockey to ever do so.

By winning she sent a clear message to the sports world to judge people on their merits and not on whether they are male, female or any other gender.

What I love about her journey so far is that she isn’t a child prodigy now achieving what was expected of her.

She is a humble grafter, who has persisted, despite many setbacks and falls in a male dominated arena.

31 years of age now, she didn’t ride her first winner until she was 21and had only ridden 12 winners by the end of the 2015-16 season.

But 2021 has already become her year.

Many successful male jockeys have long had the opinion that women, while skilful, didn’t have the physical attributes to win a championship.

But the world isn’t flat any more.

It’s clear now that Rachael was determined to be a winner, regardless of others’ opinions.

Her mental toughness has now been recognised and rewarded.

Katie Walsh, another superb jockey, said this about her:

“She has taken some terrible falls and bounced back – she really is an animal. The mental strength she has is something to behold.”

Truly inspirational.

What can we take from her amazing win in the Grand National on Saturday (and indeed her incredible Cheltenham week)?

So much, but for me, 2 things stand out:

1. When it comes to your perception of your ability, the main opinion that matters is your own – regardless of what others say or think.

2. The only place success comes before work… is in the dictionary. 🙂

Rachael Blackmore has done for horse racing what Roger Bannister did for the 4 minute mile.

Another glass ceiling destroyed.

Another limitation removed.

Where can you challenge your own inner limitations this week?


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