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The Wright Brother Who Doubted Their Dream

“I confess that in 1901 I said to my brother Orville that
man would not fly for fifty years.
Two years later we ourselves made flights.”
– Wilbur Wright

2 things occur to me on reading this quote.

The first is that everyone doubts themselves.
And all of the high achievers I know would
doubt themselves at times.

But they all push on regardless, where others might just stop.

The second, is that it is vital to have people around you who
do believe in your ‘impossible’ goals. People who believe in you
regardless of what your thoughts may say.

A team of people that can collectively believe in a goal
is an amazingly powerful thing. When one person hits a wobble
the momentum of the people around you can steady the ship better
than anything.

So if you’re doubting yourself at the moment, give yourself a break,
because it happens to the best.

My suggested remedy?

1. Remember it’s just thoughts, from your inner critic, who is not ‘Mystic Meg’…

2. Re-connect with the ‘Why’ or meaning around your goal.

3. Keep taking action

4. Spend a little more time around the positive energy people in your business or life.
That energy rubs off without even trying.

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